Ending Suffering in the Moment

DhO Discussion on Dark Night

There is a notion in this forum and in pragmatic dharma of “suffer through it and be open to experience” and people seem to be masochists here- I’m sorry, it’s not noble to suffer in ignorance. You don’t get points for suffering and just letting yourself suffer, and continuing to just let suffering happen. If suffering continues you have ignorance and delusion. If suffering keeps popping up you have ignorance. 

Ni Nurta is talking about ending suffering in the moment. That is what the Buddha was talking about as well. Pragmatic dharma on the other hand seems to think “I can’t do anything- I just have to learn to accept my suffering and be mindful of the sensations” . Well yes that’s technically right but if you keep suffering – you’re not doing it right – your mindfulness is not effective. 

If you’re doing it right then experience of any suffering can and is transformed into jhanic bliss in the moment, and if one does that and also has clear comprehension of jhanic mind, normal mind, suffering mind, the difference, how to change one into the other, etc. 

Learning about suffering and it’s causes is actually learning so you learn how to end the causes of suffering on a moment-by moment basis. If you’re suffering and understand your mind and how it works then you will say to yourself “hmm, I’m suffering, this sucks, I don’t like this, I don’t want to suffer. … maybe I should pay attention to the sensations….” Then your mind (if you learned anything from all the meditation) your (well trained) mind will have mindfulness and clear comprehension. Mind stuff is all mind stuff. Mind right now is creating dukkha. Oh right- meditation – enlightenment ok let’s do this.

My personal experience is that sometimes I would end up in a suffering state. I fell asleep and was ignorant but now I’m suffering so that wakes me up. But I remember the Buddha’s method and technology. And look at the sensations, and they all change and I just pay attention to the sensations and my mind is free of hindrances so as I’m paying attention there is mindfulness and clear comprehension going on, in the moment, and factors of awakening thus arise, thus jhana, thus Nibanna, thus end of dukkha. 

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