Rigpa Notes

There is this sense that my sense perceptions are all just perfect energy fluxing in the field. Everything seems to have a special quality to it, like everything is perceived to be perfectly right in place. There is a sense of “rightness” to everything. Things have a shimmering HD-panoramic feel to them. I was sitting at my desk earlier and dissolving my body into these pleasurable little buzzing fluxing sensations. Even right now my mind is on the verge of jhana-like states and it seems like the blissful energy just manifests in every sense perception-like there’s some kind of intelligence and being to everything that I’m now perceiving. It’s not just a visual sense, there’s this subtlety to it and nuance to every perception. But it’s different than just tuning into jhana, it’s like this way of perceiving reality has some blissful “thing” coming along with everything. I can sit here and let my perception kind of go cross eyed and I get cessations, almost like my mind know exactly how you pinch a little piocket of air or something out and there is a release _ It feels mystical and shamanic, there’s a sense of reverence as I just sit vibrating with the universe. For once I’ve finally given up a hope in the future and there is this sense of continually falling with and tumbling around every experience. Time seems circular like its bending around a single “moment”. There is this sense of orbit that my mind feels like it’s doing, too close to the experience for interpretation, bending back on itself, it’s strange. Everything shimmers on it’s own. There is a sense of a big spacious complex fluxing multi-sense door. I’m sitting here in space but my eyes see what they see not the relation between an arbitrary point behind my eyes.

Rigpa can’t explained in words but word I would use might be “brilliant” “pure” blissfulness of awareness without subject/object.

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