Our Opportunity as Human Beings

The Buddha taught that we as human beings are in a unique position with a precious opportunity for enlightenment. Hindu religion was the common religion of the Buddha’s time, and there is was/is a common belief structure around the concept of reincarnation and rebirth. We are in an ideal position as humans to realize supramundane knowledge because we have the right amount of good and bad in our lives. We have time to dedicate to spiritual practice. We have enough pleasure and enough pain to balance things out. There is time to do yoga.

As humans we have to balance a lot of things- we have our jobs and our loved ones and our pets and our wives and kids. And so, there is always this bustling flow of activity within the family unit, there is an order and a flow to it that is a cyclical existence. We can start to see that everything has this cyclical nature to it if you’re looking closely enough and if you look long enough you will see cycles of manifestation- repeating in waves. These cyclical phenomena are clearly what we are composed of as well, and through meditative science yet to be discovered, we will learn to make this energetic flow of manifestation work for us and not against us. We can learn to tune into this aspect of reality and it is a doorway to the esoteric realms of magick. If we learn to perceive all of reality as a perfectly vibrating cycle of manifestation, we experience ongoing flow and rapturous bliss.

The cycles of manifestation that concern Dharma Protectors are cycles of degradation and decay of the dharma due to internal and external forces. These deities are around manifesting while the dharma is being actively diluted and warped and lost due to the internal forces of mass ignorance. When we learn to tune into the more subtle vibratory nature of the universe, we can start to see how thing which were previously mysterious seem to reveal themselves.

What’s clear is that our society is headed for disaster and global climate change is a problem that we will confront in our lifetimes. We need a global cooperative effort of people who will work for the silent yet-to be born people of the next generation, who will be brought into a world of imminent global collapse and mass extinction in the form of famine, drought, and destruction of wildlife habitats. We need a society of selfless pioneers of human evolution who forego superficial personal gratification for the sake of spiritual fulfillment and benefit to the whole.

When we begin to establish a non-dual perspective on the individual level, we can begin to establish an increasingly non-dual perspective on a collective scale. We currently have been out of balance with the harmony of planet earth- another wave-like cycle of manifestation. We will return to balance again and then swing back toward imbalance with another problem- this is the imperfect and transient nature of the cosmos. On an Ulttimate scale there is utter perfection- nothing out of place whatsoever, no problem at all. We can directly enter this cockpit of manifestation and witness the eternal flow of the now. The gateway to this knowledge is the skills developed during the SigmaTropic systematic training.

But during these recalibration cycles the forces in our collective minds and intents and their interrelated effect on our planet cannot be overlooked. We have to take personal responsibility for directly developing the qualities that our future society needs. There are several large-scale societal recalibration events currently occurring:

  • Overpopulation
  • Destruction of wildlife habitats
  • War

These problems are a result of too many people competing for the same limited number of resources. We have breached the limits of our environment and we are currently using up the finite resources of our planet and we will be face with a large-scale societal evacuation of the planet with grave implications for the continued survival of many people. We can work together to confront the challenges we face on a global scale. In learning to be fulfilled ourselves we can enrich the world from within.

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  1. That is really powerful. Thank you.

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