Hermitage retreat day 2

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Day 2 of retreat- driving 

I got lost in rural eastern Texas. I was talking to a student and pulled over somewhere so I could stretch my legs and that led to me losing some time. Some of the roads in rural Texas are straight for miles and you can go pretty fast. Again, complete lack of fear when driving.

I talked to my former NA sponsor, spiritual example and mentor John on the car ride about teaching and Brahmacharya. He is a yoga teacher and Brahmachari and has a gang of women in his class who have crushes on him. He described to me a poker face story he had recently about turning down advances from women. We talked about teaching and my dharma teaching. And I told him my own story about a booty call I declined recently, and it’s good to have a fellow Brahmachari to relate to on that level. It really is like I’ve said before, a man with a subtle mind perceives spiritual bliss and it is an easy choice to move away from sensual pursuits. 

John, like my teacher, validated my pursuit and said “Sam, you seem meant for this” I agree. I have the ability to help people and that literally is the only agenda. Wake people up and help them overcome suffering. 

I have the unreserved blessing of myself, my mother, my mentor/teacher/example, and my other mentor/example. Each one of these people said “do it.” Including my Christian mother. 

The fact that I know my entire family will read the book, makes me want to especially weave in some answers and commentary on God and how to pray and devote oneself to God with the Buddhist teachings in mind. God has played a role in my awakening.  So that’s a major theme in the book. I’m not a Christian priest nor do I have any Christian credentials, but I have used prayer effectively and I am confident I can teach people to do the same. 

My legs were in pain by the end of the day and I have to learn to listen to my body sometimes because I seem to not be really phased by pain. I considered having a drink of alcohol or visiting the bar next to the motel I’m at, but I instead did some prayer and reflection. 

 Today I will arrive around lunch and thank God. I will post pics of the retreat center when I get there. 

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  1. Looking forward to the book!

    1. It is coming along nicely!

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