Hermitage Retreat Day 3

I arrived at the center and was greeted by the resident yogis and we sat for tea. Everyone here is really great, and we went for a hike last night and it was beautiful. I am learning outdoor survival skills and I plan to do a cave dwelling period during this retreat.

Me and the head yogi instantly hit it off and I have made a genuine friend in my short time here already. I also met a woman named Cindy and that was very interesting.

We were having tea and Cindy walked in and I got up to greet her, and it was like a literal Zen standoff. She was brilliantly luminous and if I was imaginative in that moment she would have had beams of light shooting out of her head. She is extremely awake. I felt her feeling me out as we exchanged pleasant words, and the reason I say it was a Zen showdown was because everyone else was observing us interacting, and it was one of those things where we were “seeing something” in another, and I got the strange feeling that I was a subject of conversation and interest before we met.

We made heavy eye contact and she had a very cool demeanor to her, it’s obvious when someone is realized. I could tell right away in the first couple moments talking to her.

We did a hike, and I do have pictures, but I’m on retreat now so only the essential updates.

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