Theme of Yesterday -Dispassion Toward the Body

We went on a long hike yesterday. 12 miles up a mountain and back, through the thicket of rocks and bushes and trees we joyfully charged on. My fellow companions are teaching me things every day. The terrain was very technical and I am came up with a phrase – “The Full Henrik”. Henrik is a cave yogi and dharma warrior- brilliant and luminous mind, and he routinely leads us into the hills without feart or regard for life an limb. I’m suprised he hasn’t been injured out there yet. Getting the “Full Henrik” is getting more than you bargained for- almost dying climbing rocks and through the woods.

Henrik, the monk and me seemed to just joyfully carry on in a flow state much of the time, and our companions Jelaina and Frederick were a bit slower and more measured. Getting the full Henrik is basicaly being in a flow state, leaving behind fear of death or injury, and just going for it. We must have a dharma protector following us, because apart from considerable pokes and scrapes from cacti and rocks (I poked my hand with a cactus trying to grab a rock- there was blood) – we have gone on three such Henrik Hikes and no one has been injured.

Going out like this makes you confront attachment to the body, attachment to comfort, and fear of death/injury. The monk Buddhisaro is a shining example of what is possible- he scraped his leg pretty good and Jelaina asked him when he did that (His legs have various scrapes and bruises from Henrik Hikes and his own adventures) and he didn’t even register the event and couldn’t recall when he got that particular scrape. He just joyfully carries on with a Gusto that is admirable. I’m imitating and taking notes 🙂

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