Is often misunderstood. Even mistrusted and ridiculed. Belittled. But that is the nature of genius. It is thinking in a very unusual way.

There were spiritual geniuses such as the Buddha who brought clarity and hope to the masses – a way out of limited thinking. These spiritual pioneers such as Jesus and the Buddha were teachers. They had people coming from long distances to come see them.

Without practice even the spiritual sages could not magically make someone enlightened or see God. They had to see for themselves.

As a teacher I let the student lead the way and I just have conversations with students and tell them about my experience. If you call this “teaching” then I am a teacher. I have methods but they are nothing new. I have a system and I’m offering it free online here, but my students practice whatever suits them right now.

Other teachers are reading this blog and other teachers and advanced practitioners are awestruck by the states of being that I introduce them to. I have gotten the impression that I intimidate people, especially other teachers. I am a dharma teacher and a mind-mirror.

The material and the site is the most important thing I have ever done. It will be a valuable tool for any genuine dharma practitioner.

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