The SigmaTropic System

I am thrilled to start adding the system to the site. The system will start with basic development of access concentration, so in the initial updates there will be simply known methods of counteracting hindrances and developing calm. The later stages will be developed and added to in time, and I’m only one person, but the dharma waits for no one! My perfectionist tendencies are giving me some pause in releasing anything until it’s 100% done, but there is a need for a basic framework and context for fundamental practice. People need a basic framework that works for any tradition, and I aim to deliver that for free on my site. I will be uploading material to the site and it will be a work-in progress as we go.

I am not a web developer but I think having a coherent map of my system online is what people need. The basic pages will have practice instructions, guided meditations, and links to material and other content. It will take me a few days to get the basic structure, so stand by. This will be a highly valuable resource for anyone. It will be highly useful for people to click around in the system and get a feel for the basic skills we are trying to develop. Consider this a work in progress, as I try to bring my various writings and practices on the dharma to the world.

I also have started a reddit group called SigmaTropic Sangha
Announcing SigmaTropic Sangha : SigmaTropicSangha ( There will be a place to discuss the practices I discuss here for people.

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