Dharma Spotlight – Tucker Peck

It is with great pleasure that I would like to highlight Tucker Peck, my former teacher and current dharma warrior. Tucker is a good friend of mine and dharma companion. He is a brilliant and engaging teacher with an adept ability to relate to students and bring the teachings of the Buddha to modern pragmatic dharma meditators. He is an expert in clinical psychology and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arizona. Tucker has the rare combination of skills to help people struggling with both the difficult aspects of the path of insight, and the difficult effects of self-exploration on relationships. I met Tucker in 2016 quite early on in my path, and Tucker was a key influence in my awakening process. He’s well known around the world, teaching meditation retreats internationally. Anyone who knows Tucker knows his warm-hearted ability to bring light to people even in the darkest and most difficult points on the path to awakening. Despite international recognition, he remains quite humble and down to earth, and I highly admire Tucker for his accessibility and ability to relate to normal people on the path to awakening.

Tucker guided me through a harrowing first solo retreat at his old house in Tucson, Arizona in 2017. I will never forget his compassion and kindness alongside his rigorous and thorough approach to awakening. He is a trusted friend and spiritual mentor for many, with particular ability in elucidating the confusing intersection between interpersonal relationships and dharma practice. He teaches 1:1 sessions as well as a weekly Q and A session called “Esangha“. The friends I have met through Tucker’s sangha continue to provide essential comradery and solidarity on the difficult path to self-discovery.

His podcast, “Teaching Meditation” is a great resource for any prospective or current dharma teachers looking to enhance their teaching ability and experience. I highly recommend checking out Tucker’s sangha and his teachings. I only hope that we get to benefit from more genuine dharma warriors like Tucker for years to come. He is already well on the way to that goal, offering dharma teacher training for people looking to teach meditation and awakening.

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