Ojas part I- Theory

Ojas is a spiritual term that means “spiritual energy”. One with an abundant amount of Ojas can influence the energetic field of others and there is some non-physical “thing” that is sensed by other beings. Most people refer to these things with a sort of mystical mockery, because we currently have no scientific explanation for certain energetic phenomena that occur in and around people who allegedly possess this thing called “ojas”. The concept of Ojas can be thought of as a type of spiritual currency, if you will.

The SigmaTropic system directly develops Ojas from the very beginning of the training, starting in accumulation concentration, and reaching the full fruition in Stage III Samatha. Along the way we learn to recognize this energy, how to cultivate and preserve it, and how to use it.

There is an aspect of the SigmaTropic system that departs from typical spiritual teachings, in that we aim to develop a person as a spiritual beacon for society. Masters of the SigmaTropic system become forces for light and good in the world, spiritual diamonds in the rough. We develop this sense of purity by developing our mind and managing our mind. In the early stages, this “management” of the mind consists of mundane excercises- shaking oneself out of dullness, playing breath games to learn to train attention- and these skills and techniques begin at a mundane level, but we quickly accumulate momentum and see the power of the trained mind. Students are dazzled by the breathtaking clarity and beauty that they begin to perceive on a daily basis.

We begin to get direct experience of this non-physical lubrication we call “Ojas”. We learn to charge it, control it, monitor it, and direct it toward the highest goals of the spiritual life. SigmaTropic students reach the highest levels of meditative insight and bliss and through this direct experience of the shimmering, lucid, luminously awake radiance of the mind, they have unwavering faith in the potential of themselves and their potential.

Ojas is an attractive force- it attracts life. Life itself has a non-physical sense of other life. This is simply an energetic fact of the universe. Life attracts other life. Life can sense other life through fields of energy that emit waves. Each living being is a field of energy- vibrating particles – and this field of energy has a signature that emits energy waves in all directions- these energy waves can be sensed by IR spectroscopy- heat signatures, and other forms of spectroscopy that detect vibrational phenomena.

Magnetic resonance imaging works on the principle that the nuclei of atoms have a certain quantum rotational momentum based on their spin quantum number. Magnetic fields interact with these spin-active nuclei and the energetic signatures of the human body are directly visualized by a computer which senses there subtle, minute energetic resonances with the applied magnetic field.

The magnet must be very powerful to sense these phenomena, but the same types of interactions occurring in an MRI machine are occurring between the magnetic fields of living beings and between the magnetic field of the earth and living beings. These energetic processes are so subtle that we cannot observe them directly, but with a development the unsurpassed mind, we can begin to directly perceive the vibrational nature of everything. We begin to learn the rules of how these energetic interactions occur.

When a person monitors their energetic and vibrational state, they can gain an increasingly subtle intuition and a seemingly 6th sense for very subtle clues into the energetic fields of other people. We can begin to sense the energy and the vibrations of others, and we can learn to manage our own energetic signature. Managing this energetic signature is a matter of practice and knowledge. We learn to look for the patterns, we observe, we take notes, and we start to develop some skill.

The baseline preliminary practice for developing Ojas in the SigmaTropic system is the standing meditation practice, and the practice of Brahmacharya. We can learn to first let go of tension in the body and we begin to perceive the interaction of our own energy field with the energy field of the room we are in and the floor we stand on. We learn to let go of habitual tensions which constrict and obscure these energetic flows. With a gradual reduction in habitual muscular tension, we reach deeper and deeper stages of samatha, and this allows us an increasingly subtle vibrational awareness. We develop this awareness gradually and use to direct the increasingly abundant energy in the system toward an increasingly rich and beautifully vivid experience of life.

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