The SigmaTropic Magickal Lineage

As the Sangha grows, and the energy brewing behind the scenes at Bodhi Samana, things are getting more and more clear by the day. We want better for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to live open heartedly in satisfaction and joy. I am honored that you all have chosen to join me in this wonderful blossoming of consciousness.

Members of the SigmaTropic Sangha learn bold, efficient, fearless practices to directly transform the raw energy of dukkha and strain into awakened presence. We learn a new dimension of being that empowers us to be strong, decisive, and capable. We learn to live fearless lives and maximize our impact. We learn to master the mind and our reality.

Extraordinary people have certain characteristics- one of them being energy. These people have learned to utilize their energy properly, and that is why a main theme of the SigmaTropic system is energy cultivation. We aim to become extraordinary through our practice- we intend to cultivate unusual skills. In learning how to direct energy on the singular person level, we learn to see energetic principles that apply to a collective perspective. We learn to recognize that our collective minds can do much more than any one individual mind. With a unified intention across many people, we may very well bend the fabric of reality and time. To reach that goal, we start at the singular person level.

The SigmaTropic system teaches people skills which empower them to lead their most potent and impactful lives. We cultivate raw energy and along the way, we learn to transmute and manage energy and re-direct energy. This represents a new level of human capability and understanding.

We believe in our own skill and efforts tools to live a better life, and we believe that we have the power to change our lives, and the world at large as a result. We aim to learn mental tools and spiritual tools, as a matter of the survival of our species. We need collective-minded people who understand things that common people do not. We need cooperation between various diverse groups for the common mission and goal of humans as a collective whole. We must start thinking as a team – a human team. The artificial borders we have created between communities and nations must be put down temporarily, in order for us to take a new, global, collective perspective.

We have mastered cognition and now we move into more and more subtle planes of consciousness that are only accessible with certain skills of mind. These more subtle planes of consciousness are the far reaches of human evolutionary development. We will come to find that these uncommon mental skills are essential for our survival and continued evolution as living beings. We are only now coming to understand the interconnected nature of life, and through that understanding we can realize our untapped potential.

The new spiritual technology to be released in the SigmaTropic System aims eventually to establish and cultivate an interconnected perspective, by establishing a non-dual, blissfully aware, radiantly alive perspective on the individual level, and then through that process and as a result of that process, the collective will be enriched by presence and aliveness from within. The power of this technology gives me reason for caution; however, given the state of affairs today in the world, I am emboldened to bring the techniques I have developed and tuned to perfection- to the world at large. We are going to change the world by changing ourselves. We are going to become better versions of ourselves and fulfill our human potential. That is my vision, and I will not rest until it reaches fruition.

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