The Seven Factors of Awakening (Intro Talk)

Herein is a short talk on the seven factors and awakening and insight in the SigmaTropic system. Enjoy!

Insight Attainments in the SigmaTropic Systematic Practice


  • Meditator makes a lasting turn, away from the world of sensuality and accumulation, toward a spiritual solution
  • Often involves a personal crisis or tragedy
  • Meditator is disillusioned with trying to gain fulfillment from the world or other people

Many people from all backgrounds attain this insight in the midst of daily life, even without practice. For some people it can take a long time and a lot of suffering to truly turn away from the world as a refuge. Mosty people go through a process of systematically achieving worldly things and then becoming disillusioned with them.


  • Meditator has a spectacular jhana experience or a bliss experience that is powerful enough to motivate the meditator to have a consistent practice and maintain it with the goal of awakening
  • They go into a phase from being a casual meditator to a serious seeker

This insight milestone is an experience in meditation that gives the meditator great faith in the power of meditation and in the untapped potential of their mind and the mental training possible. They experience a totally new perceptual mode- and with that they see how illusory their perceptions are. They may subsequently have a strong drive to uncover the secrets of the mind and reality and they believe meditation will facilitate this exploration.


  • This perception comes about when the mind has the seven factors of awakening.
  • The meditator has a direct experience of the world in a vibrational and transient fashion
  • This insight is often brought about by spectacular and profound experiences of unity, bliss, or divinity brought about in various ways, including but not limited to prayer, meditation, psychedelic drugs, and other ways.

This insight is a key turning point whereby the meditator learns to systematically dismantle all the self-fabrications that lead to suffering. They deconstruct reality at such a fine and complete level that their illusion of being an autonomous agent is shattered in spectacular fashion. They temporarily attain this very refined perception, and it breaks some deeply held illusions the meditator has about the nature of reality. It may not be extremely obvious for most people, but most people will have a phase of meditation being much easier and pleasurable, with a peak in perceptual clarity and general enjoyment of practice followed by a peak experience and a subsequent drop in concentration. This can be extremely disorienting for some people.

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