The SigmaTropic Cycle of Manifestation

This is a magickal model I use to manifest conscious meditative and perceptual experiences, and it can be a useful model for contemplative and spiritual development in general terms. The cycle is a regular pattern of mental states that a meditator traverses in the goal of manifesting a conscious experience. Since awakening involves a change in perception and conscious experience, we are interested in how to manifest our conscious experience. We revisit meditative states and imagine new ones routinely, across broad timescales.

When you sit to meditate and you intend to pay attention to the breath, often what we are trying to materialize is a specific conscious experience of the breathing process. We are not concerned with some notion of the “true” experience of the breath. We can only influence our conscious experience and our perception. As such, when we use the SigmaTropic Cycle of Manifestation as a tool to guide meditative inquiry, we remember that the manifestation we are doing is manifesting a conscious experience. This pattern goes with the natural flow of the mind and uses the imaginative faculties as a deliberate tool in meditative development. I am still testing the techniques, but I want to introduce the conceptual framework for magick and manifestation I am working on.

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