God Willing

Christians are welcome on my site. They are free to try the techniques that I am carefully crafting to deliver to the masses- these techniques are powerful and profound and kept hidden by the elites of the spiritual community. They are basic principles of mind that if everyone learned, society as we know it would fluorish. The state of calm abiding shows the yogi that within themselves lie all the answers to their perennial search for fulfillment. As such they are unlikely to continue to do activities that are based on craving for outer fulfillment and superficial measures of success, and they will recognize their true nature. They are looking for the more important answers and they have within themselves the tools to unlock the non-dual perceptual mode.

Christians can use the techniques to enhance their relationship with God. They can use the simple visualization techniques and the bodily awareness and calm-abiding abilities to attain non-dual insight, using Jesus Christ as their “deity” in the deity yoga practice, using visualization and to bring their prayer practice to life. Surrender to a higher power that is beyond out own experience, is a prayer technique and a mental state like any other, and it can be elicited and cultivated.

Jesus in the meditative equipoise

Christians who are strong followers of Christ who want to experience non-dual insights – this site is for them. The techniques are mental exercises that you would incorporate into your normal prayer practice and make it a consistent routine. Meditation thrives on consistent effort, so whatever time in the day we normally would use for prayer, make some extra time for meditation. At least 2 hours per day are necessary to really gain the full benefit of the techniques on the site.

I am constructing the system with my Christian family in mind, in hopes that they can try the techniques on the site and attain the realizations that meditation leads to. The starting point is category I concentration, and Christians will develop mindfulness of breathing and/or use a prayer mantra. They learn to combat the hindrances and attain a more alert and present state of mind, and with that state of mind they investigate the nature of their self-fabrications and their attachments. Christians will be especially good at meditation if they frame the SigmaTropic Cycle of Manifestation as leading toward a sort of Heaven on earth, or by taking Jesus as their deity in the deity yoga practice. These are exercises and methods that any person is freely able to find on the internet, but I have brough them together and explained things in a way that will make sense to Christians and hopefully they can benefit from it.

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