Magick and Intention – part I

Students in the SigmaTropic Sangha see that reality is mind, and they develop strong samatha abilities through the constructive interference effect of multiple streams of intention from multiple angles in the Category I practice flow. With this strong concentration and intention built up, concepts like “Magick” and “objective reality” often come up in my discussions with students because they notice the power of their deliberate intentions and the effect it has on “objective reality”. I investigated these concepts in my practice log at the dharma overground entitled “Energy, Devotion, Magick, Bliss“. There is a shroud of secrecy around certain phenomena that has yet to be elucidated and put into useful context in an open way, and it’s a shame, because these phenomena do exist and can be learned and mastered.

The degree of perceived “magick” rests on the factors of the purity of the mind and training of the practitioner. Certain techniques lead to high concentration for some practitioners, and we can learn to channel latent energy into intention and with those built-up intentional highways, we learn to see how the fabric of subjective reality is constructed. Through the SigmaTropic System training, we gain the mental tools to calm and gladden the mind in each and every situation, gaining significant fluidity and influence over the mind. There is a disconnect in modern practice as to the utility of magick. I hope to shed light on these phenomena and work it into a comprehensive understanding of the mind and reality.

The mind in the stages of Samatha has particular qualities that a normal untrained mind does not have. In particular, the meditator has trained themselves to form intentions in the mind and certain intentions have been trained to be very powerfully karmically conditioned. The mental actions flow automatically and effortlessly from the intentions in a very powerful way. In advanced practice, we start to see the utter power of our intentions and our perspectives.

The energy of intention carries a certain energetic register- there is a wave-like signature in the energy around an individual with strong concentrated intention. There is an invisible energy field around the practitioner that is sensed by other beings, usually in non-conscious ways. We as humans have the capacity for a higher-level knowledge of things that depends on leaving behind the self-existing assumptions we have. Once those are abandoned, we can tune into higher knowledge.

Tuning into this higher-level knowledge is a matter of training the mind to perceive more data and perceive that data without a self-assumption that distorts reality. We are only trying to perceive reality the way it actually is. During this process, my students regularly report an experience of “higher intelligence” that they can tune into and perceive. It relies on much more experiential data coming in and the perception of very subtle phenomena, to such a clear degree that the clear causality of things becomes known- at a level that is simply invisible to others who don’t have such training. This ability highly rests on mental purification and training. With a trained mind, the practitioner inhabits a different reality than the one they perceived before.

Members of the SigmaTropic Sangha learn to use the jhanas and cessation both on the cushion and in daily life to develop an understanding of dependent origination. With proficiency in jhana, the esoteric training can take them as deep as the practitioner’s interests go. The practitioner must first thoroughly see through their self to be able to develop these abilities. As such, my main objective in the training is to develop jhana. This can be learnt by anyone, but it is not for the faint of heart. Therefore, all my students learn to calm and gladden the mind, overcome obstacles to calm-abiding, and they learn to see reality as mind and mind as reality.

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