Non-Self Realization and Compassion

With the realization of not-self, non-self, selflessness, etc, the practitioner for the first time inhabits a perspective that is free of self-attachment. Most people have an onion-like series of deeper and deeper attachments, but the attachments that a human can hold onto are not infinite. When these attachments are released, the practitioner experiences themselves as an energetic process of interaction. There seems to be an entropy – like characteristic of energy exchange that begins to be obvious when you live in non-self. It becomes very, obviously clear on a moment-by moment level, that there is no such thing as “me”, all that ever existed was process, and we are all part of the same ongoing process. This and other factors lead to a sense of fearless and unification of purpose.

Arbitrary borders that we create in our mind lead to all the suffering we experience. These borders take the form of clinging to identity markers- career, romantic relationships, requirements for standard of living, family, roles – the more of these things we require, the more shackled we become. We create fences around cherished objects and mind-states, and those fences define the limits of practice. Most people are not willing to go into poverty and obscurity for the benefit of others. Most people cannot fathom why someone would do something for the good of the whole, without concern for their own self-interest. But a true Bodhisattva may do a simple calculation of the good one can cause, how logistically to make that happen, and free from selfish desires, they can take actions that even go counter to perceived worldly self-interest. Someone who understands emptiness and dependent arising knows that their virtuous intentions and actions provide all the protection they will ever need, and superficial threats like attacks to one’s credibility and character, can be tolerated and the person can press on in doing what they know is their most valuable contribution to their fellow human.

For the first time a person can actually think of others and maximize the broader impact they may make in the world, free from the reservations caused by self-attachment. Realization of non-self leads to fundamental changes in a person’s orientation toward life. Compassion seems to be the driving force behind all action, and there is an increasingly vivid propensity for transpersonal thought – thinking in terms of groups of people. When a person removes self-interest for the goal of spreading awakening, then their energy is dissipating into the universe unimpeded. There can be very curious energetic transmission like phenomena that seem to occur. It appears that these phenomena have yet to be systematically described and documented, but the SigmaTropic System teaches a higher level of vibrational and subtle energetic awareness that penetrates our common illusions.

True compassion seems to be rooted deeply in the realization that others’ suffering is no different than my own- there seems to be a different type of suffering that is compassionate suffering, sad that the dharma appears so lost on many people. The dharma seems lost on the people I think I can help, and that makes me wonder whether I’m wasting my time. I felt great sadness just thinking of the people feeling alone and isolated. Some people are never understood or accepted and need some kind of hope, some kind of light. They need to feel empowered in their own Divine essence and able to live free.

The state of Mahasamadhi is the way a Great Being exits, and it’s scheduled for me. The contribution I can make while I’m here in this human form is to bring these writings and talks to everyone, all sentient beings. I think it really doesn’t matter to me if people see me as a teacher or give me any credit for what I’m trying to do.

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