The Feminine Essence

Men in long term relationships, need to hear the message. If you are in a relationship with a woman you need to hear this message. This is a message about nature and the feminine essence. The natural way to manifest abundance is to make your life force maximized to the fullest extent possible. You want to be a wellspring of vitality and power- women like a powerful man because they want their babies to survive.

Women are beautiful gifts from God. Their forms have unique power over the male mind, and we can learn to capture this power and re-direct this power. They capture our hearts and minds with their shape and their feminine essence.

Only a restrained man is able to respond to his partner’s needs and please his partner to full satisfaction. Like tending to a soft flower, it takes a soft, delicate touch to warm her up, and when she opens herself, only a restrained man can truly match the power of her feminine essence. A sex-addicted man misses the subtle cues that his woman gives him, while a man who has mastered energetic transmutation has a very keen physical awareness and unlimited stamina. He is able to be firm and assertive when she wants that, and he is able to embrace her softly and warmly when she needs that. His lack of attachment and presence allows a man to truly focus on her ecstasy.

When a man is in control physically and mentally, he is able to respond to her physicality and her energy much more effectively. He can respond to her in the moment and is also in control of his biology, and men can learn to bring on remarkably full, deep, simultaneous crescendos of pleasurable enjoyment in unison with her, without losing fortitude. Every human being should experience this kind of Divine union.

A man who wants to cleanse his sexual energies and bring his energies more in line with her Divine feminine essence – a man who wants to give his woman the deepest most fulfilling satisfaction she deserves, this man should cleanse his mind and remove any thoughts from his mind that concern sex for a period of training. There is no pornography, no masturbation, and no sexual obsession. The man deliberately attempts to connect with her feminine spiritual essence and stays in the present. He regards her as a transcendent spiritual being deserving the utmost reverence. This doesn’t mean he can’t connect with her, but he should be watchful of unwholesome thoughts arising and stay with her in the present.

In a period of abstinence from all sexualized media, the man will go through a process of recalibration- he will notice a more subtle awareness and a more refined taste. He notices that his mind is becoming more wholesome- his thoughts don’t involve sex as much and he is able to appreciate the beauty in things much more clearly. His senses are more keenly attuned to the present- he has a vigor that will continue to build and charge, and with the practice of standing meditation, men learn to balance their energy and direct it toward the seven factors of awakening.

His woman will notice his gusto and drive- he vibrates at a higher register and she can sense there is something different about his aura. She senses the high frequency radiation emitted by the male essence. It’s a non-physical energetic residue that women pick up on. This energetic “fragrance” if you will, can be cultivated and mastered. It has to do with restraint and energetic awareness. In addition to these esoteric energetic principles there is a placebo effect that teaches us something about reality, mind and intention. Developing divine pride enhances this effect and serves as a tool for advanced energy cultivation.

Through undertaking a basic program in energetic cleansing and learning the basic techniques of charging and storing energy, men can open up new avenues of attraction and please their partner in ways they never thought possible. In the process men learn about themselves and gain supramundane insight.

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