Awakening Report!!

A friend of mine, recently attained to level 1 non-self insight!!! Her and I had a chat about her insight and she was much different in her demeanor. I think she mostly wanted to get some sort of validation about it, and she didn’t seem to be faking anything, she definiutely has a different sparkle. I was delighted to hear about my longtime friend and student’s recent retreat where she attained supramundane insight into the nature of self. She reported to me an experience whereby the self-construct was seen through completely as just experience happening. She was on her way back in the car just having a freak out and then something clicked and she saw all the sensations as just sensations doing their thing. The conviction in her was striking, and she had a noticeably different aura than the time I had spoken with her just a couple weeks before. Then, she was rigid, tight, and reserved, but now after attaining the fruition of stream entry, she was much more comfortable in her skin and much more vulnerable and relaxed. She had a sparkle in her demeanor, and I could tell she saw through herself the minute I saw her. Something about the energetic signature a person gives off you can tell right away. She described to me an experience where a traumatic memory came up and she was able to hold that with grace and bravery with the help of her calm-abiding practice. She saw all the sensations that made up self and disidentified from them. I am so proud of her and delighted to have her see the dharma for herself, it seems like things have clicked into place for her, no doubt in her mind at all.

She is a good friend of mine and a longtime Mahayana – based practitioner- I was truly delighted to hear her seeing the dharma, and it was really cool just being there for her to be heard and understood. I think she is seeing how all the silly doubt and questioning made her give up and that’s all she needed.

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