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Shadow Angels Create Collages


I have two beautiful women dharma friends who are both enlightened who both created collages. Monica said that this one was inspired by some recent advice that I gave her (probably about making resolutions and intentions). I really like how the eye focuses the attention of the piece and the raw imperfection of the piece, with handwritten notes in different inks. It’s raw and human and down-to earth. I think for Monica this piece is part of a larger practice of intention. Monica has always been a very down-to earth, albeit delightfully wonderful and kind person. She’s the same person I posted about recently having stream entry.

Collage by Monica

Then my friend Polly also shared a collage she created on a social media channel when she saw Monica’s collage. I think maybe she wanted to one-up Monica, but nonetheless I like how there is a sense of healthy competition here. I feel slightly amused that this wholesome-as-fuck collage comparison was initiated by my advice to Monica when she told me about her stream entry.

Like Monica’s collage, Polly’s collage is deeply nostalgic and lively. There is a depth element as the perspective seems to be tubular, with a vague sunset in the middle. This is compared to Monica’s collage with a tubular perspective shift into the eye in the center. There does seem to be a central theme that is slightly off center in each collage. I honestly don’t know which one I like more. They are both exquisite works of art and highly pleasant to look at. I’m glad my friends Polly and Monica shared their inner beauty with us.

Collage by Polly
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