We will enable Magick

We will describe magick here and enable it for the masses. Let’s just be honest folks- the world is precipitously going to hell in a handbasket. We are overpopulating and burning the last of our fossil fuel resources. Global imminent threats to the survival of the human race are all around us, yet we insist on more, more consumption, more innovation, more manipulation of our physical reality. The key to our future development relies on higher spiritual knowledge and perceptual shifts. People of the near future will be faced with unprecedented moral and ethical challenges as the planet rapidly is heating up, the weather becoming more erratic, and our polar ice caps melting away by the day. We need to enable collective logistical plans that have non-dual insights as core guiding principles. We can literally solve all of these global problems if we solve our internal problems. The world we collectively see is the collective reflection of the consciousness of the beings that inhabit it, and that consciousness is currently entering another oscillation- the risde and fall of Dharma and spirit.

Even collective gifts such as spirituality and the methods and technology of buddhism and other spiritual traditions, will one day be lost and forgotten in a period of adharma. Until a Buddha appears again, and the cycle continues. If we are aware of these large-scale, collective cycles of change and our context within them, there no reason to be worried- things are going just according to plan right on schedule and could not be otherwise.

The state of decline in the dharma should empower practitioners to use bold and effective practices. We are in a hurry here from one perspective, and people should really make hay while the sun is shining. For that reason, on my own site, that I pay the hosting fees for, I see no moral reason not to document some of these esoteric but powerful practices. The media on my site is a growing treasure trove of useful information. We will need to enable bold practices because even our spiritual centers have taken an oppositional stance toward down-to earth discussion of effective practice and attainments. It has become taboo to claim attainments, a thing that was done frequently in the Buddhist scriptures.

Shut up and breathe

Free from the limitations imposed by public relations and navigating truth and clarity while maintaining a public image that is appealing to non-enlightened people (a tough and tenuous thing indeed), I am free here to discuss powerful practices, their effects and results, and their execution. I have been cast away from the mushroom factory and I will leave my mark here regardless of how the public views my persona. Perhaps 500 years from now, long after I’m dead, these words will reach people and they will uncover the dharma for themselves once again. I don’t need to be here for that, and I don’t need to convince people to keep doing video chats with me after they’ve solved their problems. I am relieved of the burden of force-fitting capitalism and free market consultancy onto spirituality- it simply cannot be done in an ethical way in today’s sociopolitical climate. Prominent dharma teachers have to play public relations games and censor their truth for the masses, or else they would not be prominent dharma teachers. When is the last time you heard a prominent dharma say anything about renunciation? For that reason, and because I am unwilling to compromise my truth, I have waivered my chance to be a prominent dharma teacher. However, this waiver is not a betrayal of the dharma or the compassion within my heart. I have vetoed prominence in favor of truth. I have found that the public relations aspects of being a dharma teacher preclude the actual real dharma. This life for me is not dharma teacher material – but there will be plenty of dharma coning through this site (Copyright 2022). I would rather help a small group of people a lot then entertain and fill guided meditations for a thousand bots.

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