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Magnetism and the higher paths part I- Basic Principles


The higher path attainments seem to instill the practitioner with a more fluid sense of self and as a result, some practitioners upon attaining 3rd path may experience magnetism. This phenomenon is especially likely to be experienced in high concentration settings- e.g. on a meditation retreat. The phenomenon of magnetism can be considered very woo-woo until one experience it for oneself. It is characterized by an effortless sense of harmony with interactions with others, and a sense of effortless connection and trust from others. This is a sociocontemplative phenomenon with definite characteristics and conditions, and we will attempt to describe it here.

Magnetism has four components.

One component of magnetism is concentration and overall presence. When a practitioner is concentrated and present, they emit a different energetic signature then when they are hindered with restlessness or aversion. It can be said that the seven factors of awakening are present in the mind.

Another component of magnetism is insight into non-self. This allows a practitioner to respond however suited to the circumstance, without attachment to an identity. This basic lack of attachment enables the other conditions of magnetism.

The third component of magnetism is energy. A practitioner with a built-up charge of certain energy will subconsciously send the signals that correspond to that energy. In this energetic aspect, there are primordial forces that are pervasive in how the universe functions- we learn to tune into and direct those forces.

The last component is intention. Our intention in the moment, in the presence of other beings- will determine the type of magnetism experienced from others. Since karma is essentially related to our intentions- whatever we are trying to do with our conscious experience- actually affects that conscious experience.

These basic components are developed on the path. We can think of magnetism like tuning a tuning fork. We are only concerned with our conscious meditative experience and the type of energy and intention that we emit into the “world”. The magnetism itself is in the energetic signature that we emit – it’s just a matter of aligning the two energetic signatures. Oscillations of similar frequency can combine and constructively or destructively interfere- the interaction between the waves will be more the closer they are in frequency.

We can think of an attractive alluring male or female form as emitting a particular kind of energy- and that’s life force energy– she reeks of heavenly creation and life- so to attract that energy we also have to emit the same frequency of energy. Eventually to form a relationship with another being we are tuning into resonance with them in various ways- but there is always an energetic exchange process going on that is wave-like. Give and take, in and out, up and down. When we interact in any way, we are experiencing the tuning of two waves of existence.

If we take this kind of perspective – it should become clear- we need to charge up our life force energy as much as possible, get as concentrated as possible, and have a particular intention in the moment during the interaction we are trying to execute. The practice of Brahmacharya and the insights developed with it lead to an awareness of a non-physical force that charges up when a yogi learns how to manage the energy. Meanwhile, the intention we have in the moment is to fully actualize our energy into the world. The practice of jhana and samatha lead to ever-higher levels of concentration and presence. And the intention we take into the interaction can be managed and tuned. These basic principles underlie any magnetism phenomenon observed.

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