I spotted the Mountain

I have a friend who sells maps to various hidden mountain trails and caves with spiritual and mystical significance and protection and other empowerments. I have a plan this summer to go visit her. Last time she sold me some maps I was with a girlfriend of mine, her name (girlfriend) started with an S. In fact, S is probably reading. So I had been texting A for the past week arranged the trip with S being the driver and navigator. We decided to make a day out of it. So it was a great time, me and S had a wonderful Tuesday morning driving into the middle of nowhere CO, held hands, sang along to the music, smoked our vape pens. It was a great day and I was very excited to get the maps that A had for us.

We got the maps and hung out with A for a while playing video games, talking about music and meditation and art and football and festivals and science and philosophy. Me and A are lifelong friends and the impetus for this post is because I’m gonna go see A again and stay at her house. I’m very excited and I’m in planning mode because usually when maps to the next summit arrive in clear view, it symbolizes spiritual shifts and other types of changes that are large scale. The maps help to orient in the larger scale picture and make things seem to go more smoothly. The maps have appeared again, and I am pursuing them.

So the last time A supplied me and S with maps to the mountain, it was a mystical experience the first night with S. I actually was kind of an ass and turned down the offer for the three of us to go hiking and instead me and S got a hotel room and embarked on the trip ourselves.(That story was very spiritually significant but it takes a rather mature audience to explain it- it involved sexual union and it showed me the goal of the highest tantra).

Now I don’t have any kind of continuing girlfriend attachments, so I’m going to see A and I will stay with her instead and we will go camping and hiking together. There is one particular peak that we will climb together and I am in the market for maps to other secret locations of spiritual significance, empowerment, and portals.

Good friends always come through in the clutch! I’m starting to see the significance of A as a guide through my quest, and I am honored that we’ve been continued friends for over 10 years now. She has seen me through various relationships and life phases. I can’t wait to see A.



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