This is simply the awake quality of mind. Awakening is being more awake, this is energy. There is a high level of concentrated energy that is harnessed in the mind of a meditation practitioner. The opposite of energy is dullness. Therefore, when dullness arises as an obstacle, we develop the opposite – energy- by training the mind through intention to perceive more deeply and more clearly. 

The energy cultivated through meditation is both physical and mental energy. When the mind works more efficiently and makes a better use of the energy available to it, the richness and subtlety of perception increases. Energy plays a key role in both the willingness to sit and meditate, and the diligence with which one practices. It is therefore a key practice in the system to directly cultivate and protect the mental faculty of energy.

This is related to a spiritual term “ojas” – which just means spiritual energy and lubrication for stress and struggle. A person who cultivates their “ojas” will glide through life effortlessly, without friction. Ojas is a certain quality of the person that emits life and prosperity. When a person has a lot of Ojas, they have a life-affirming presence. They emit a certain energy, and they have certain powers and abilities. The faculty of energy must be balanced with tranquility and concentration for awakening to occur and understanding to happen.

Energy Cultivation Practices

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