I have been encouraged to teach meditation by my teacher, Suvaco Hansen. Suvaco was a Thai Forest monk for 17 years, and now teaches and leads retreats. He also is a certified craniosacral therapy practitioner and empathic intuitive (Translation- he can read minds and hearts). Suvaco has a brilliant and luminous mind, and he is a real dharma warrior. Im honored and grateful that Suvaco gave me his enthusiastic blessing.

Suvaco said “when I’m helping and sharing the dharma, I feel so complete and whole and peaceful, I could die.” I really think I might know what he means.

I serve as a teacher, mentor, spiritual friend, meditation coach, consultant, and combinations of these. I’ve worked with 70 year old men and 25 year old women. I find that each student is unique in how they approach the teacher-student relationship, and I try to be nimble and flexible and offer help anywhere I can. I do ask that students try the suggestions I give and be genuine in their pursuit of the dharma.

I am very grateful for the generosity of the awake mind, and my best result that I can help you achieve is a better mind state. If we all learn to live peacefully within our own minds and give freely then we can change the world one person at a time.

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Student Testimonies:

I had the good fortune to spend a week meditating with Sam. This was in the context of a personal vipassana retreat at a local retreat center. Sam was my spiritual friend and mentor during this time. Having a long history of practice in zen, vipassana and vajrayana traditions, I looked at this time as an opportunity to solidify and deepen some insights and attainments in my practice. Sam was able to accompany me with compassion and wisdom. Meeting with him daily he served as a  most helpful support and mirror for my process of releasing obstacles, deepening compassion, connecting deeply to the energetic body and seeing through the sense of self. Never have I been so close to the dharma “in action” with another sentient being.

It is hard to put into words his ability to walk next to me while nudging and pointing to my habitual patterns and clinging. His mastery of the jhanas was evident in our interactions and I intend to continue our spiritual friendship on the path. I would encourage practitioners at all levels to check out what he can offer. I have practiced for over four decades. With this as background I find Sam to be the most effective and to the point teacher I have had the good karma to encounter” – Jim D.