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I am a secular meditation enthusiast and coach for the 21st century. I have found that a core set of mental skills and simple frameworks can be used to deliberately train the mind to experience more fulfillment and joy. I have a passion for helping others awaken and develop skills that empower them to live their fullest potential.

I started a dedicated practice as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve depression and chronic fatigue, and to attempt to change my mindsets and attitudes that were causing problems in my life. I picked up the first book I found on meditation, “The Mind Illuminated”. I was enamored with the untapped potential of the mind and intrigued by developing techniques to control or influence the mind and perception. 

After several years of practice and various intensive retreats, I mastered this practice system, and turned toward directly observing the nature of the mind. I have worked closely with several teachers from various contemplative traditions, and I have knowledge and skill in Buddhist Vajrayana, Therevada, and secular meditation techniques. With a variety of feedback, open dialogue, and discourse between close friends and trusted teachers including Tucker Peck, Upasaka Upali, Hoaki Sobol, and Suvaco Hansen, I was encouraged to begin teaching meditation in 2021. Since then, I have guided students in residential and at-home retreats and coached practitioners individually in their journeys toward greater resilience and self-awareness.

I offer one-on-one meditation consultations for meditators seeking to deepen their contemplative practice, regardless of tradition or practice background. I am a trusted coach, consultant, and guide for practitioners seeking to maximize their innate potential, break free of limited thinking, and embody a more aware and engaged way of being. 

I enjoy empowering students to own their practice, highlighting and cultivating positive skillful qualities whenever possible. I can help students build a practice that responds to the demands of householder life. I tailor a practice program to suit the individual needs of the practitioner, drawing from extensive experience in meditation, physical practices, and integration of contemplative practice into daily life.

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